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How Property Management Brokering and Rent Roll Brokerage Work

Buying and selling rent rolls can be much more complicated than it appears. Property management brokering is typically a far more involved job than that of a real estate agent. It may seem as though rent roll brokerage is simply about ...read more.

Real iQ Connects You with Property Management Jobs

You did everything you were supposed to do by going to university and securing a stable job. Perhaps you choose practicality over passion thus entering a high-paying field with little personal investment. Five years down the road you ...read more.

Property Manager Needed? Real iQ Can Help with Recruitment of Those with the Right Property Management Qualifications

If you haven’t considered recruitment outsourcing, you may not realise all the benefits it offers. Perhaps you didn’t even know it was an option. Either way, there are some solid reasons to consider letting Real iQ handle your recruitment ...read more.

Recruiting and Hiring Quality Staff with the Right Real Estate Agent Qualification or Qualifications

If you’ve been in the hiring game for any length of time, then you’re aware that there’s a huge difference between an employee who is a good fit for their job and one who isn’t. So, how do you match the right people with the right jobs? The ...read more.

What Is My Rent Roll Worth? Get a Valuation or Value Estimation of Your Rent Roll

“What is my rent roll worth?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear at Real iQ. Both business owners and principals need an answer to this question, and we can help. Just as you wouldn’t estimate the value of a house ...read more.

Real iQ Greenlights Your Career in Property Management

There’s nothing particularly wrong with your current position as an office administrator; it’s simply time to do something different. Unsure of where you want to go, you’ve spent hours browsing job boards hoping to catch a description ...read more.

How a Property Management Course Leads to a Better Manager for Your Business

How much is your time worth? If you’re running a property business, your time is worth a great deal, especially when it comes to how you train and manage your employees. Perhaps you used a recruitment service to find the best possible ...read more.

Growing Your Business with Property Management Recruiting

Do you want to grow your business but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding and training new recruits? As an expanding business, you likely do not have time to spare for recruitment and training. Fortunately for you, that’s our ...read more.

How Much Can I Earn? Learning More about Property Management Salaries

If you’re not satisfied with your current career and its earnings or advancement potential, you may be ready for a change. Yet changing careers can be challenging, and it may be difficult to know where you may best fit. For those individuals who ...read more.

Strengthen Your Property Management Business Through Manager Training and Recruiting

Property management is a fast-growing industry in New Zealand. It’s likely that you know this, considering you’re currently reading a post about it. The fact that the industry is growing quickly means that businesses are expanding and the need ...read more.

What You Should Expect from Property Management Wages

If you’re an experienced property manager, you realise that your day to day job does not end on weekdays or after a typical ‘shift’. With so many things you must run and oversee to make sure you properly maintain your property, it may seem like ...read more.

Real iQ Property Recruitment Agency Will Meet Company Hiring Needs as the Best of the Best Agencies

Providing more than 12 years combined experience in property management, with a significant network and numerous connections, Real iQ has launched a property recruitment agency service to help you find, cull, and hire the best of the best ...read more.

Train for Real Estate Career Opportunities with Real iQ

You’ve loved housing architecture your entire life, but lacking artistic confidence you chose a different route and developed a successful, yet unfulfilling career. Real estate and property management has stayed in the back of ...read more.

Land Real Estate Management Jobs Through Real iQ

Are you looking for a change from the monotonous grind of your current career path? Real estate management jobs allow you to use your range of professional skills in a variety of ways. Typical responsibilities of real estate manager jobs ...read more.

Developing Your Career with a Real Estate Management Recruitment Agency

Real estate management is a growing industry, and you can be a part of it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have a career with a competitive salary and fascinating day-to-day work. If you want to learn more about property management, Real iQ, a ...read more.

The Facts about Real Estate Management Salaries

Have you ever considered a career in real estate management? If not, there are several reasons to consider this growing field. Real estate managers oversee the financial activity and day-to-day operations at residential or commercial ...read more.

How Real iQ’s Real Estate Management Training Leads to Better Agent and Manager Success

Finding success in the growing New Zealand real estate industry is no easy task. It requires a smart business plan, a knowledge of the area, and a well-trained staff of agents and managers. The latter is possibly the most crucial aspect of ...read more.

Real Estate Recruitment: You’ll Find Recruiting Successful Using an Agency and Real iQ Services the Finest of Agencies in the Field

Who better to advise and assist—even handle everything—for your real estate recruitment than property managers equipped with 12-plus years of experience and known as leaders in the field? Real iQ has added real estate recruiting to its ...read more.