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How the new health & safety at work act will change property management

As of 4th of April, the New Zealand public will be exposed to a raft of changes around Health and Safety within the workplace. Many companies are gearing themselves up for change with a raft of new policies being developed because of the new Health and Safety at Work Act.

However, how does this bill affect private landlords? Whether a landlord likes it or not they are business owners and tenants are their clients. They too will come under scrutiny and many will be oblivious to this.

The house that they rent out will become a place of business and they will have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their tenants and failing to do so will not only expose them to action from the tenant but also potentially by Worksafe New Zealand.

With this added burden of responsibility, many private landlords will lack the skill and knowledge to prepare for this. It is being predicted by industry experts that many private landlords will turn to professional Property Management companies. They will not want the responsibility of dealing with the increase legislation and as more tenants become educated, there could be a surge in legal action being taken against unsuspecting landlords.

If you are looking to engage a professional Property Management company we strongly recommend that you do your homework in this selection. Like many things in life cheapest is far from the best. Ensure that you pick a company that has strong policies and procedures. This isn’t limited to Health and Safety but also around other aspects of the business such as tenant selection and rent arrears.

Ask what training is provided to Property Managers and whether the company has a complaints policy. You want to ensure that your Property Manager has the skill set to protect your asset whilst maximizing its income.