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Don't overlook the 'mature' candidate when recruiting

It's a tough world out there, especially if you find yourself in the 'mature' age bracket and in the position of looking for employment.  Now that I find myself in the mature category it has become more apparent how we are looked upon or overlooked when finding ourselves back in the job market. One thing I would advise is don't write off those mature people who come with bags of work and life experience.

We mature people tend to know what we want in life and are more settled than our younger counterparts.  As Lindy Alexander states "there is a common idea that it's important to have 'young blood' in a business however while this is true to a certain extent, mature age candidates also have a lot to offer employers".  As we progress through the years our life goals and priorities change and we are not always chasing the next career move or adventure.  We tend to be more settled and committed to the job at hand which in turn brings loyalty, longevity and security to employers.

We've been round the block a couple of times so bring many transferrable skills to the table. We have the benefit of hindsight and previous encounters which are of a huge advantage over our younger contenders.  Having been exposed to more in life, our skillset is well-developed and the mature person will tend to be more confident and know how to nurture and build relationships.  Vivian Gang recognises that older workers have been in the workforce longer therefore have had more time to meet people and network along the way.  

Emotional intelligence is another advantage a mature person has.  Daniel Coleman is an author, psychologist and science journalist and believes people tend to become more emotionally intelligent as they age and mature.  He defines emotional intelligence as the ability to recognise, understand and manage our own emotions.  Again, this sort of intelligence comes with the wisdom and experience of the mature one's life travelled through the years.

While we can't put anyone in a box or definitively say that maturity beats our younger generation when it's time to employ your next staff member, we can say that you can't dismiss maturity as you could potentially be dismissing a wealth of knowledge and knowhow that can only come from time and life experience.  Age does not define us!