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Strengthen Your Property Management Business Through Manager Training and Recruiting

Property management is a fast-growing industry in New Zealand. It’s likely that you know this, considering you’re currently reading a post about it. The fact that the industry is growing quickly means that businesses are expanding and the need for well-trained, intelligent property managers is at an all-time high. Your business is doing well, and you have more work than your current staff can handle. Perhaps, you have that one person who knows every aspect of the property management business but is being stretched too thin and work is starting to pile up. You need more staff but where do you find the time to recruit and train them?

Invest in Outside Property Manager Training

If your company does not have a surplus of time to focus on training, that’s okay. There are companies whose sole focus is on property management training and consulting. They take on the task of educating and instructing your new managers, preparing them for the jobs at hand. Through workshops, webinars, and training documents, your new employees can get an excellent education on everything they need to know about being a proper property manager, while you continue to focus on your business. Now, the question is: where do you find a well-respected company that can handle this training for your business?

Based in New Zealand, Real iQ is a company that focuses on property management training and workshops. The sole drive of the company is property management, which means your employees will get the best training possible from educators who are passionate about the industry. With over 50 years combined industry knowledge, these consultants and educators know their stuff and can bring a significant benefit to your business through both education and recruitment.

Take Advantage of Professional Recruiting

Time is money, especially in the property business. Frankly, if your company doesn’t have time to do its own education and training, then it doesn’t have time to do its own recruiting either. Utilising a recruiting service is a much better use of your company’s time and energy. With proper recruiting, we’ll match you with people looking for the manager opportunities that your business is offering. It takes the stress off both sides and lets you run your business without the headache of looking for new employees. Let our pros in recruitment handle that aspect of your business while you focus on your company’s continued growth.

From advertising to job placement, a recruiting service can handle every aspect of recruitment for your business. That way, you get recommended candidates that have gone through an approval process by a service solely focused on the property management, as well as one that has over 18 years of experience in recruiting. You’ll be confident knowing that the hired candidates are those who are looking for a career, not just a job.

For more information on Real iQ’s recruiting and property management training services, call on 0800 REAL IQ or email info@realiq.nz. You can also read testimonials from the company’s clients on its website.