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Real iQ Property Recruitment Agency Will Meet Company Hiring Needs as the Best of the Best Agencies

Providing more than 12 years combined experience in property management, with a significant network and numerous connections, Real iQ has launched a property recruitment agency service to help you find, cull, and hire the best of the best. Our passion for the industry is strong: Our belief is that when value comes before profit, everyone wins, and it helps us excel as a property recruitment company. Real iQ strives to further the field through property recruitment to develop a stronger industry in which we can all be proud to work. Among property recruitment agencies, you’ll see that we always choose the right option and provide what is needed—and more—to our clients and the industry.

We understand, in depth, the nuances of property management and what makes a property manager shine. Our overarching goal is to grow the residential property management industry by providing support, training, and consultancy to companies, including as a property recruitment company, throughout New Zealand. We are focused on publicising the industry as a viable career and are reaching out to potential new entrants as attendees at recruitment shows and more. We work with candidates to assure they will surpass potential hires for you and that our recommendations are the right fit for the right role working as your property recruitment agency. Talk to Real iQ about your property recruitment needs.

Using a Property Recruitment Agency like Real iQ Will Assure You Get the Right Manager for Your Needs

Real iQ’s skills are broad, and we ascertain that candidates for management positions are well-equipped. Our certifications include the NZ RPM Level 4 (the New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management) work place assessment. From an understanding of daily needs to salaries, qualifications, and courses that would benefit your business, we address all with job applicants and can help you with all your business needs. We are known as industry pros—consultants and trainers: Who better to handle your hiring among property recruitment agencies?

Businesses who work in property management relate well with us: Our clients agree we are professional, hard-working, understand the challenges faced by many property managers, and are easy-going and fun. Residential property management is an exciting and fast-growing field. As we promote to job seekers: Property management is a career that pays competitively while no two days are the same and accomplishments are palpable constantly. A property recruitment company like Real iQ will listen to your requirements, realise what else you might prefer, and work with you closely to make property recruitment a breeze.

Wouldn’t You Like to Increase Your Profits?

Managing properties smartly is best achieved by using your top tenets to assure renters are happy and will brag to others about why you outrival the rest. Property management agencies can deliver the basics, but Real iQ goes several steps further. Want to grow your rent roll and make it more profitable? Real iQ knows how: We consult with companies who manage $6 billion worth of property throughout New Zealand. Want to know the value of your business, and perhaps sell? Knowing your worth is essential whether you plan to stay in your business until retirement.

Don’t make the mistake many people make and under-sell your business. Real iQ can be your property management agency and can assist you in learning how much your business could net, to strategize about potential related investments, help you in preparing your business for sale through selling. Real iQ is your solution for property recruitment and all the details of accomplishing its goals.