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Recruiting and Hiring Quality Staff with the Right Real Estate Agent Qualification or Qualifications

If you’ve been in the hiring game for any length of time, then you’re aware that there’s a huge difference between an employee who is a good fit for their job and one who isn’t. So, how do you match the right people with the right jobs? The answer lies in a well-structured recruiting program. A good recruiting process includes certain consistent elements, including:

Accurate Job Descriptions

Having accurate job descriptions available for each position is essential. Carefully consider the roles you need each person to fill as well as the skills they need, the personality attributes you’re looking for, and any relevant experience you prefer. People overlook this simple step surprisingly often, and just developing or updating job descriptions can go a long way toward ensuring that you place people in jobs of which they are a good fit.

Develop a “Success Profile”

Imagine this: You have twenty people in one department. Let’s say that they all have the same real estate qualification. Five of these people are top performers doing a consistently outstanding job. Ten are middle-of-the-road, and the other five aren’t quite getting it. If you could shift the balance and add a few more folks to the top group, it could have a dramatic impact on your team’s overall performance. To achieve this, try profiling everyone on the team to determine what attributes and skills the people in the top tier have that the others don’t share. This information will allow you to develop a success profile to use in identifying the people most likely to be a good fit for these positions.

Draft and Post Your Ad

Remember to include the job description and the real estate qualifications you require. Some people will ignore the posted requirements and respond anyway, but a recruiting company such as Real iQ can handle these enquiries for you and avoid wasting your time with unqualified candidates. Your ad should be posted in the proper mediums to reach your targeted candidates.

Assess Potential Candidates

One of the major benefits of working with a recruiting company is that they can screen candidates for you, leaving you free to run your business. After they have selected individual resumes and conducted phone interviews, they can use an assessment tool to analyse each applicant. For instance, is a specific candidate introverted or extroverted? Uncompromising or agreeable? Highly conscientious or laid back? Your success profile can come in handy at this stage of the process. Interviews can then help you choose the very best candidate from among a pool of great ones.

Real iQ Can Recruit Candidates with the Right Real Estate Agent Qualifications for Your Company

At Real iQ, we focus on growing the residential property management industry in New Zealand by providing support, training, consultancy, and recruitment services. Whether you are looking to add to your team or you are a candidate with a real estate agent qualification and would like consideration for a position, we’d love to hear from you. We can take the hassle out of recruitment for good – contact us today to find out how.