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Train for Real Estate Career Opportunities with Real iQ

You’ve loved housing architecture your entire life, but lacking artistic confidence you chose a different route and developed a successful, yet unfulfilling career. Real estate and property management has stayed in the back of your mind, and now that you are looking for a change, this industry may be the change you’ve needed all along. Individuals interested in starting a real estate career come from all walks of life because of the utilisation of a wide-range of skills. The most successful are self-motivated, organised, decisive, and have a knack for influencing others. While you may have some of these skills, it’s okay if the full range of skills needed for a real estate management career are not in your tool belt just yet. When you train with the industry pros at Real iQ, you get the opportunity to develop skills that will help excel in real estate management career opportunities.

Real iQ: Linking Candidates to Real Estate Careers

The industry-leading staff at Real iQ have 50 years’ combined experience in the rental housing market and focus on finding property management solutions for real estate agencies by connecting them with our pool of internally vetted candidates. If you are looking for a real estate management career, look no further than us. We partner with the leading agencies nationwide who turn to us to fill their real estate management career opportunities. When you register with us, you can apply one complete pre-qualification process to various agencies offering real estate career opportunities.

We’ll compile your first-round interview, all screenings and proficiency exams, and collect your job requirements and scores and preferences into a personnel file that we then send to hiring real estate agencies. By entering our all-star pool, you increase your chances of being seen and considered. Hiring agencies don’t have time to post a job listing and sift through stacks of responses. That’s why they seek our services. Our experience ensures that we understand what qualities and skills are needed for a real estate career with a firm and can identify these attributes in candidates.

Demands in Real Estate Career Opportunities and Real iQ's Help

Although many can think of the administrative and facilitator tasks of a real estate manager, there is more to a real estate management career than taking rent, initiating evictions, and organising building maintenance and repairs. Real estate management is one-part administration, one-part case-worker, and one-part mediator. Therefore, it is essential that the property manager develops a working relationship with tenants. Rental properties must maintain a delicate balance between diverse groups living nearby with different, and sometimes conflicting, motives and priorities.

Skilled mediation and conflict resolution are essential to landing real estate management career opportunities which, aside from life experience, is developed through proper instruction and consistent practice. We hold training sessions for new and seasoned managers via our webinar series and in-person workshops. Strong interpersonal skills make you that much more appealing to prospective employers. Go ahead, take a dive, make a change—but start with Real iQ.