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Real Estate Recruitment: You’ll Find Recruiting Successful Using an Agency and Real iQ Services the Finest of Agencies in the Field

Who better to advise and assist—even handle everything—for your real estate recruitment than property managers equipped with 12-plus years of experience and known as leaders in the field? Real iQ has added real estate recruiting to its services so you can take advantage of our professionalism and leave the management staffing process to us. Not sure what skills are best for real estate managers? Real iQ will advise you on the best skill set, what’s available in candidate stock, and training sources to grow your staff. Unsure about where to search for the right, the best, candidates who will outdo the rest as you consider real estate recruitment for your properties? We can take over every step—we will counsel you and work with you on what you require and are most comfortable with when you retain us as your real estate recruitment agency.

Confused about salary levels? We’ll show you research for your area and the rest of New Zealand, depending on what you need and want from your hire. Real iQ is committed to strengthening the industry through outstanding real estate recruitment. We are licensed under the New Zealand REAA 2008 (Real Estate Agents Act) and go beyond the minimum to satisfy your needs, wants, and grow the real estate management field.

Save Precious Time with Real Estate Recruiting

Retaining a real estate recruitment agency such as Real iQ will take relieve you of a tremendous responsibility that can waste thousands of dollars without professional help. Hiring staff is critical: You know that when you make the wrong hires, you lose precious time in training, orientation, and then needing to re-hire. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that problems in the hiring process can be blamed for as much as 80% of employee turnover yet it costs on average a third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace him or her, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Time translates to dollars, and wrong hires can cause glitches that impair your relationships with your clients. Real estate recruitment agencies are the sensible solution. Real estate recruiting using professionals can save you significant dollars in the long run.

Reduce the Hassle

Think about it. You can probably quantify the amount of time you have spent in your real estate recruiting; hours you’ve squandered when your candidates were inadequate, days you lost when you made the wrong hires, and the time you could have spent better on other critical business matters including growing your business. When you dedicate your time and attention to tasks and responsibilities that real estate recruitment agencies can do—and do better—you lose.

Consider when hiring took too long and you could not take care of other issues or objectives, or when the time you were expending grew as you dealt with not being confident in the hiring process or made mistakes. Do the math and measure the value of your time from start to finish. Real iQ can be your real estate recruitment agency, and your hire hassles will be ours to solve successfully.