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What You Should Expect from Property Management Wages

If you’re an experienced property manager, you realise that your day to day job does not end on weekdays or after a typical ‘shift’. With so many things you must run and oversee to make sure you properly maintain your property, it may seem like you’re always on the go. So, what is considered a fair property manager wage for all your effort? While there is no one simple answer, Real iQ can help you discover whether you are getting the most for the time you put in as part of your property management career.

Average Wages for Property Management

As a property manager, your wage should reflect the hard work and long hours you devote to the challenging job of maintaining and improving your premises, as well as the time you spend ensuring you meet all your tenants’ needs. However, at times this may not seem to be the case, and as a shrewd manager, you are likely aware of the fact that time is money.

First, you should know that your skills in property management are highly desired in New Zealand’s growing property and real estate market, meaning that the asking price for highly qualified property managers has gone up accordingly. If you are a senior property manager, your wage could be over $55 hourly in certain markets such as Auckland. Annually, most property managers usually earn a salary somewhere around $50,000 or more.

As a self-employed property manager, your ability to sell yourself to a potential client may make the difference between getting the wage you deserve and one which is less than you could be potentially making. That’s why it is so important to know the ins and outs of the industry so you can secure the best possible property management wage. At Real iQ, we can help you gain the inside knowledge you need to succeed in this market.

Improve Your Property Management Wage with Real iQ

If you are a property manager or own a property management business, you should stop underselling yourself and your valuable services. With Real iQ, we can help match you with clients offering property management wages which are competitive for the market. We are pros in all things property management and can make sure you are getting a fair deal for the valuable work and management you provide.

At Real iQ, we believe that property management is a career with enormous opportunity at all levels within this vibrant industry. We provide the support and training you need to maximise your earning potential and offer industry insights which we’ve gained in our over 50 years’ experience. We also provide consultation for property management companies and those looking to hire quality property managers. We can work with you to make sure you are getting the senior property manager wage you deserve.

Make the most out of your passion for property management. Contact us today to see how your skills can mesh with the right clients by registering for our talent pool.