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How Much Can I Earn? Learning More about Property Management Salaries

If you’re not satisfied with your current career and its earnings or advancement potential, you may be ready for a change. Yet changing careers can be challenging, and it may be difficult to know where you may best fit. For those individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to grow within a competitive industry, becoming a property manager may be an excellent decision.

As a property manager, your salary will likely reflect your passion and drive, meaning you reap the rewards for the time you invest. At Real iQ, we have the know-how and support to help you reach your maximum potential within this vibrant and growing industry.

What is an Average Property Management Salary?

While a senior property manager’s salary may be more than $100,000 a year, the starting wage for an assistant property manager is also good, beginning around $40,000. With no shortage of job opportunities available, the potential for advancement and growth is excellent, meaning you will likely start earning more as you gain further experience and qualifications.

Property management can also be a highly stable and rewarding career. Just as with accountants or teachers, there will always be a need for skilled property managers in any market. Furthermore, getting started in property management does not take as long as with some other careers. With relatively easy to learn processes and a lot of learning and training on the job, many people can receive their basic certification in less time than it may take to get a degree. This means you’ll be able to start taking advantage of the lucrative opportunities that property management salaries can afford much sooner than you might with another career which requires more education or training before entry.

Why Property Management Makes an Excellent Career Change

Property management makes for an exciting career choice for individuals who enjoy a challenge. Within this industry, no two days are the same, meaning you will always be learning and growing. While the perks of a great property management salary are nice, the optimistic outlook for property management in New Zealand combined with the ability to work closely alongside others can be rewarding in of itself. With time, you can build up quite the earning potential, and as a senior property manager, your salary will reflect your effort and your dedication.

When you join our team at Real iQ, you can take advantage of the knowledge and experience that comes with being part of New Zealand’s number one property management consulting team. If you share our passion for the industry and helping clients, then you belong with us.

Real iQ provides the support and training you need to help you get started in a career in property management and real estate. We also provide consultancy for companies looking to hire property managers with the necessary qualifications and training, as we understand the value in hiring only the best.

If you think you have what it takes and are eager to get started with a new career in property management, contact Real iQ to begin today.