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What is the webinar series?

The webinar series is a video education series on all aspects of Property Management, tailored for New Zealand property managers. We don't talk about trends, cases or rules from the US or Australia - it's specific to New Zealand.

We cover all aspects of Property Management including legislation, business development, practical Property Management, health and safety and much, much more.

Now, more than ever, you and your team need to be ready and prepared for the increasingly complex and compliant world that is Property Management.

With more and more people having to rent along with increasing client expectations, the demands that your team will be exposed to will test even the most experienced of Property Managers.

Whether you are taking your first steps into the world that is Property Management or you are business owner, there is something in here for everyone - see below for a schedule of the webinars.


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How does it Work?

The webinars are recorded so if the time does not suit you can access them at any time. Over time, you will have access to a library of over 30 webinars that you can use whenever you need them, The resources will be available for twelve months from the date of purchase. 


which webinars suit me best?

We have developed this handy key below to help identify which webinars will suit which of your employees best depending on your role in the Property Management industry.

Ideal for Property Managers

Ideal for Property Managers

Ideal for Business Owners

Ideal for Business Owners

Ideal for Business Development

Ideal for Business Development

Webinar episodes

Market the Property Your Way

Date: 7/2/17

With an abundance of technology available to us, the quality of advertisement of rental properties is still far behind that of our real estate cousins. Along with substandard photography, grammatical mistakes and ‘matter of fact’ script writing are all too common. We will also demonstrate how some companies are advertising their properties via social media.


Look After Tenants and They Will Look After You

Date 21/2/17

From tenant selection, induction all the way through to the conclusion of the tenancy, this webinar will provide great tips to get the very best out of your tenants.

Basics of the Residential Tenancies Act Part 1; Knowledge is Power

Date: 7/3/17

Knowledge is power. In the first of two webinars, we will give you essential tips on some of the key parts of legislation that make up the Residential Tenancies Act. Over two weeks we will provide a 90-minute insight into the law that governs us



Date: 21/3/17

Knowledge is power. In part two of the webinar, we will continue to give you essential tips on some of the key parts of legislation that make up the Residential Tenancies Act.


How to Handle Yourself in Tribunal

Date: 4/4/17

Tenancy Tribunal can be a very daunting even for the most experienced of Property Managers. This webinar will ensure you go prepared and confident to get the best outcome for your owner and demonstrates the importance of preparation.


How Much Does It Cost to Be a Landlord?

Date: 18/4/17

Ever wondered why some owners get real twitchy about the smallest of repair jobs? This webinar goes into the true cost of owning a rental property and why you must keep educating your owners. You may be surprised about how much it costs!

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Getting the Landlord to Say Yes!

Date: 2/5/17

We delve into the world of principled negotiation and cover some simple rules in dealing with landlords and how to get them to think your way. Some of the teachings are from the brilliant book Getting to Yes and Getting Past No.

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Social Media for Property Management

Date: 16/5/17

Real iQ's latest team member Aveyln Holcroft-Lewer will present some simple tips on how to apply social media to property management and build your client base. Aveyln specialises in Social Media management and used to successfully run social media for a number of real estate agents across New Zealand.

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It’s Not Time Management, it’s Energy Management

Date: 30/5/17

Procrastination is the enemy of Property Management. You must be decisive in your decision making and stay positive. This webinar provides great tips to stay motivated and remain in control.

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What is My Rent Roll Worth?

Date: 13/6/17

One of the most common questions we are asked by business owners is what is my rent roll worth. In this webinar we will show you what we look at in assessing a rent roll and how we come up with the multiplier.


Rent Arrears: Forget Zero Tolerance Policy, Try the Broken Window Policy

Date: 27/6/17

So many offices we visit state that they have a Zero Tolerance Policy to rent arrears yet so few practice this. In this webinar, we take an alternative look at dealing with rent arrears that is guaranteed to work.


The Top 10 KPI's To Use in Property Management

Date 11/7/17

A staggering 50% of Property Managers in New Zealand have no idea what their KPIs are. In this webinar, we will look at a variety of KPIs that you can use to help measure the performance of your team.

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How to do Knock Out Inspections

Date: 25/7/17

We estimate that approximately 30% of your time is spent on routine inspections. This does not include the entry and exit inspection. What do owners and tenants expect from their Property Managers when carrying out inspections. We will show you in this webinar.


Audit Your Portfolio, Why You Need to Do It

Date: 8/8/17

This webinar is aimed at Department Managers and Business Owners. Are you getting every single dollar? Who is monitoring what the team are doing? We will show you some simple tricks that people have used to manipulate accounts and why you need two pairs of eyes.


Create an Audience, Not a Database

Date: 22/8/17

Every business needs a database but that database needs to educated. This webinar is aimed at building your database and turning them into an audience who value the content you deliver. This will develop a funnel that will feed your managements for years to come.

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Maximize Your Income

Date: 5/9/17

Property Management is about the dollar not about the doors. In this webinar, we will show you how to ensure that you are getting maximum revenue at minimum stress and the impact this can have on your bottom line and why extended the lifetime value of clients is so important.

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Be the Purple Cow of Property Management

Date: 19/9/17

Seth Godin is one of our favourite authors. His brilliant book Purple Cow looks at how to stand out from the crowd in this increasingly competitive market place.

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Investment Jargon; What is it All About?

Date: 3/10/17

Do you know the difference between Gross and Net Yield? What is an ROI? What do you mean by leverage? This webinar helps you get into the mindset of an investor and teaches you different strategies an investor will look at.

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Conflict and Negotiation; Top 10 Tips in Dealing with  Disputes

Date: 17/10/17

Whether you like it or not, you are a negotiator. Every day you deal with disputes and try to resolve conflict. It is an energy zapping exercise. This webinar will give you 10 simple and easy to use tips that can help you regain control of disputes and build your reputation with you clients.


Changes in Legislation: How it could affect Property Management

Date: 31/10/17

Renting in New Zealand could change radically with a new Government in charge. In this webinar, we look at what the impact of a Labour Government could mean to Property Management. We will cover the following aspects:

  • The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill

  • The removal of the letting fee and how you can soften the blow

  • Why the Rental Warrant of Fitness does not work

  • What will happen to the Residential Amendment Bill. Will the industry be regulated under a Labour lead Government?

Industry expert David Faulkner will share his insights into how these changes will radically affect our industry. Some of it, for the better.

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Health and Safety and Property Management

Date: 14/11/17

Property Managers must be fully aware of the compliance issues around the Health and Safety at Work Act. Understand what is meant by a PCBU, understand the risks you expose yourself by not working within these boundaries. This webinar is ideal for new people entering the industry and as a refresher for people working in the industry.


Budget Writing and Reading a Profit and Loss

Date: 28/11/17

In the first of our two-part series aimed at Business Owners and Department Managers, we take an indepth look at reading a P&L and what you should be achieving and what you should be spending your money on. We also look at the importance of budget writing and ensuring you stick to it.


Business Planning; Why you Need to Do It!

Date: 12/12/17

In our final webinar of the year, we look at the importance in writing a business plan and provide tips to ensure you stick to it.