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Real iQ Greenlights Your Career in Property Management

There’s nothing particularly wrong with your current position as an office administrator; it’s simply time to do something different. Unsure of where you want to go, you’ve spent hours browsing job boards hoping to catch a description that holds your attention. So far, the only recurring listings of interest are property management career opportunities. Life as a property manager is anything but boring. Unlike the monotonous grind of office cubicle life, a dynamic property management career path operates in an environment where no two days are alike and all your skills, both professional and personal, are utilised. At Real iQ we streamline the prequalification process by registering you into our pool of vetted candidates that leading rental agencies select from, and we provide training opportunities to build and strengthen the skills you will need for your new property management career.

Choosing the Right Property Management Career Path

As with all life’s transitions, it’s best to plan your approach for pursuing property management career opportunities. Entering a large industry can be confusing and daunting, particularly if you are not familiar with local regulations, industry terminology, or are inexperienced. It is easy to get inaccurate information and, therefore, jeopardise any responses to your submitted applications. Even though you are keeping your current position until this new career path takes off, lack of response can be discouraging enough to drain your initial enthusiasm. Connecting with Real iQ ensures you don’t derail your exciting career in property management before it can get started. We connect with the leading rental agencies throughout New Zealand, and they source from our pool of pre-vetted candidates for the property management career opportunities they have available.

Registering with Real iQ not only puts your name on a short list of ideal candidates for the agency based on their needs and location, but it also gives you a one-stop application and pre-qualification experience that is valid for all our client’s enquiries. We save you time by eliminating repeated first-round interviews, pre-employment screenings, and proficiency tests. Our innovative training opportunities via our webinar series and in-person workshops are designed to prepare you for a successful property management career path.

Property Management Career Utilises Integrated Skills

Whereas many career path changes require extensive development of new skills, a career in property management draws on professional and interpersonal skills likely established in your previous professional roles. Property managers are responsible for recruiting and pre-screening prospective tenants. Upon move-in, property managers become the liaison between tenant and rental agency keeping an organised documentation of rental agreements, payment histories, unit inspections, reports, and complaints both filed by and lodged against the tenant.

Your property management career, however, is not limited to tenant accounts and facilitating building maintenance. Rental properties create diverse communities living in close proximity; thus, conflicting needs, priorities, and personalities can cause tension throughout a complex. As a property manager, you will need to draw from your wealth of leadership and interpersonal skills to establish creative solutions and mediate discontent to maintain peace. Train with Real iQ, and we’ll help you strengthen skills so that you’re confident in every situation.