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Specialist consulting to help you grow and streamline your property management business

Property Management consultancy packages are tailored to suit the needs of each company. Real-iQ understands that every business is different and must be viewed as a unique entity, with its own strengths and weaknesses. The most successful businesses consult with our company on an ongoing basis.

Please note that we are happy to provide consultancy, recruitment, HR, and rent roll brokerage advice.  This advice will be charged at $30.00 for every 15 minutes.  You will not be charged if you are enquiring regarding our services. 


business analysis

Business analysis

Real-iQ is able to work through each element of your business, observing its strengths and weaknesses and working with your opportunities and threats to create a plan to achieve your company’s growth goals. A company health check is invaluable for those who work in their business every day and those who have a manager in place to run the property management department.

Our vast experience with property management companies of all sizes allows us to offer lasting value to your business, insights to its potential and inspire you to continue your pursuit for continuous innovation and excellence.

Staff Development

Too often a company’s success relies on one person’s ability to know everything in the property management office. This structure does not support growth and can be detrimental if that person (and their knowledge) decides to leave your business. We have developed straight forward and successful systems to ensure everyone in your office knows what to do in each situation.

By following well documented and tested systems, your company will reduce errors and your team will have a greater ability to follow procedures set up for them. We can offer onsite training, backed up by user-friendly documents that won’t end up in the bottom of a filing cabinet (unused or discarded).

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Systems and Procedures

Property Management is all about processes. Yet too many businesses leave it up to individuals to make decisions and subsequently this leads to inconsistencies within your business. With inconsistencies in your service, customer satisfaction is jeopardized and your reputation can be damaged. Real-iQ understands the importance of policies and procedures and the fact that the business has to be built around compliance.

Systems and procedures are living, breathing documents that are vital to the success of the business and the development of your team. We can tailor procedures to your specific business needs and ensure that your team live and breathe them.

fee maximisation

Are you being paid what you are due? Many business owners are unaware that through unintentional staff error and a relaxed pricing structure, that they are losing money each day. 

By adopting simple systems (and putting checks in place to ensure your team follows them) you can ensure that fees due are being charged and collected. Our company can also discuss your current fee structure and ensure that you are charging market rates for your service.



Silver package


We do not need to visit your business to assist you with your business planning and goal setting. We can coach individuals remotely and provide the resources you need to plan your goals and keep you on track to achieve them. Contact Real-iQ and we will offer a free half-hour discussion via GoToMeeting and you will be able to assess whether or not we can help you with your planning and goal setting. This package is ideal for start-ups or individuals looking for one on one coaching to help them achieve not just their professional goals but also their personal goals.

For our Silver Consultancy Package we will cover the following

  • Online meeting
  • KPI and goal setting
  • Quarterly business targets
  • One site visit per year
  • Job interviews
  • 24 hour access via email and phone with same business day response to any issue regarding the running of your business

The price of our Silver Consultancy Package is $495 plus GST per session. 

Platinum Package


Real-iQ consults for a small select group of clients which involves a minimum of five site visits per year. We will generally start the process with a full business analysis that takes approximately two days. From there on in we will pass on our recommendations to the business owners as to how best structure the business for ongoing sustainability and growth. Here at Real-iQ we have great insight into the industry and are at the cutting edge of technology, training and business development. 

We see ourselves as vital partners to our key client group. We guarantee to add value to your business and ensure that you will have the right people on the bus in the right seats. This is why so many Real-iQ key clients go on to win multiple business awards throughout the industry. Contact us today and we can discuss consultancy options for you. Numbers are limited and all discussions are in complete confidence.